Sunday, February 28, 2010

Go Canada Go!

We recently just went to the Vancouver Olympics and here are some pictures that will hold up in court.

Although this is not his first plane ride, this is his first plane ride where he Naki cared what was happening.

Saying goodbye to Boise is always hard, even when it's winter and you are only leaving for a short weekend trip...

We flew to Seattle, rented a car, and drove around for a little bit, visiting Pikes Market on the way. Here we are at Pikes just hanging out for a while, eating all the food that we could.

We didn't buy anything that we couldn't eat and Naki was liking the view from the top. Watched some fish throwing and sat on a pig.

Then we drove to our resort. We own a time-share and booked a resort in the sleepy beach town called Birch Bay. It was about 5 minutes from the border of Canada and it was a lot like Monterey Bay in Nor Cal. This is where we stayed for the Olympics. We just crossed the border everyday to get to Vancouver.

Here we are in Vancouver the next day. This is in the downtown section where you can buy tickets to events and slide on a zip line and ice skate.

Below is the market in Vancouver called Granville Island. We took a train to get here and it had a large farmers market as well as other shops and restaurants...

Once again, we didn't really buy anything that we couldn't eat and what we ate was mostly sugar based.

Here we are just hanging out at the park on Granville Island. Naki liked chasing ducks and staring at people.

Here he is dead asleep after a day at the Vancouver Olympics.

The next day we drove back up to Vancouver. There isn't any parking around town so we parked on the outskirts of town and took the train into downtown. The train doesn't have drivers so you are able to sit at the front and watch yourself go down the tunnel. This is Naki, unimpressed.

Here is the Olympic flame. This is on the shore in Vancouver.

The whole town of Vancouver was packed with millions of people from around the world all trying to see what they could. We walked around the town where there were all kinds of things to do, including eat. Naki played soccer in the street with some kids from Italy and enjoyed jumping up and down on the curbs...

Finally, we thought maybe it would be a good idea to go to an event. So we picked the cheapest and only available event that had tickets for that day. It was a playoff womens hockey game between Russia and the Swiss. The game started off slow but picked up with lots of checking and got pretty heated. It ended in a shootout and the Swiss won.

Naki entertained everyone around us. We bought him Canadian socks and Fanua bought a Canadian shirt so we could fit in. Canadian gear was being worn by everyone.

This became a very late night for unexpected reasons. You can ask one of us to explain but I won't write it here. Ultimately, we ended up pushing our flight back the next day and extending our rental car.

Because of this, we did have an extra half-day to mess around. So we went back to the border and bought our souvenirs and Olympic garb at the duty free shops. Then, tried to leave Naki on the Canadian side of the border but there were border police watching. So much for our attempts to make room for a Haitian kid...

Here is a video of Naki's duck bravery. We cut the video off right before his bravery started crumbling....


PrincessAnna said...

What a great family trip! Thanks for all the pics. Fanua you are looking skinny! (you too, Sefa) But beware because I finally found my focus!

Love you guys :)

Happy you're home safe.

Cardwell said...

Ahh! I'm so jealous! I recognize all these places that you went to in Vancouver (Ashish's hometown). Makes me want to take a trip. How fun to make it to the Olympics though!!

Kurt and Sher said...

Ahh...the olympics. Can't help but think about working at the Salt Palace Media Center with Sefa in SLC. Speaking of Boise, Ray the BBQ chef was from Boise. I wonder if he's still around. Looks like you spoiled yourselves again.

Caribbean Sunshine said...

What a blast! The Matagi's know how to have fun! And may I say Naki gets more gorgeous by the day! Fun trip - good for you all! Love, Mum

Caribbean Sunshine said...
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Chicky said...

So Fun!!! I love your little one. He's pretty much the cutest thing ever!! I just saw your post today that you wrote on my blog almost a year ago. I'm glad I found you now though!!