Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Who cares, where are the pictures?:

Friend pics in Chicago:

Genetic eating exercises

Mila turns 1

Temple photo bombs

Trick or Treating

Some more of what happened in 2012:


1.  Live in So Cal
2.  Visit Nor Cal
3.  Visit Chicago
4.  Visit San Diego
5.  Visit St Louis

Bi-Partisan Agreements

More pictures from 2012.

Mila in Chicago

Mila 4


Naki's taco truck practice



Saftey first

Mila 2

Mila 3

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This is an extension of the previous post because I guess there is a picture limit?

Fishing Practice

Fishing Practice

Naki still wants to go to church



Really Downtown

After floating the Boise river
Floating the Boise river

Grandpa story time

Grandma and Grandpa toys

Government Shutdown

The beginning of 2012 was spent living in So Cal.  Then...we move to Boise.
Some Pics from middle to end of 2012.


Pancake Feed

The Zoo

Mila in the kitchen sink.

U-Pick Berries

U-Pick Berries

The bounty of our garden
Mila being happy

The Boise Balloon Festival

Boise Hawks Baseball

Naki wants to go to church.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Video Games

The videos I promised. As always, if you are seeing these on Facebook, click on the link so you can watch them....

Ok.  Maybe I have to do this one at a time...


California, Southern

More ignored than a revolutionary in Syria, It's Naki!

So for the months of December, January, and February, we decided we wanted to live in Southern California.  So we did.  We got an apartment down there for those months and stocked it with the best furniture Goodwill could provide, and lived.  Below, is documentation.

Life is easy
Living in So. Cal attracts visitors.
The mandatory Clipper game.
The mandatory beach visit.
We went to 'The Grove' for the first time.  Did not see any other celebrities.
We went to the LA Zoo and lost Naki for about 5 minutes.  They found him soon after but the scars remain...inside.
Lots of pictures of Mila to follow.
Now some videos. As always, if you are seeing this on Facebook, click on the link to watch the videos..

Or maybe not...