Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who Dat?

Some more Naki goodness:

Goal #2 for 2009 finally reached. We eliminated the $10 thousand hole we created by our move to Boise.

We had a pretty busy week this week. This is right before we went to the Idaho Steelheads hockey game which is right before their beat down of the Utah nobodies hockey team..

The next night was the USU beat down of Boise State in basketball. Very well attended by nobody.

And the very next night was a combined wrestling and gymnastic meet at Boise State. Our wrestler won in overtime (Matt Casperson). Boise just happens to be very good and has a handful of nationally ranked wrestlers.

This is Naki. Tired from all the events he attended.

This is Naki. Two days away from getting Goal #1 for 2010 started with a trip to the Olympics.

This is Naki. In all his pre-Olympic glory.


PrincessAnna said...

Naki is so gorgeous! He DOES look like his aunty, who's the one that's above Fanua? That's the one.

CONGRATULATIONS!! (on your goal) I'm proud of you both.

Kelly Stanworth said...

Your posts always make me laught. WAHOO on getting out of debt...major accomplishment!!!

Maile's said...

CONGRATS ON YOUR GOAL PAYING OFF DEBT!!!! Im so proud of you guys!
I promise to get with mom this next week and get boxes for Sefa's dj stuff to get sent. Sorry its taken so long, i just have to find boxes and wrap and ship.

Love you guys - Naki is sooooooo handsome!
xoxo Nis

Caribbean Sunshine said...

Congrats beautiful Matagi family on getting out of debt! My heroes!!! Hi Naki, you get cuter & cuter every day! Love you all, Mum xoxoxo