Friday, May 15, 2009

Still Spring

If it's going to be once a month, then it's going to be once a month....

This is Naki doing what he does. Climb up, fall down, climb up, fall down...

Here is Naki all geared up to go do something with absolutely nothing to do.

Naki's first time on a swing. He looks a little un-trusting.

Here he is, full trust, letting the swing make him want to sleep (he didn't).

We kept a new years goal of paying off our car. One 2009 goal down, a few more to go.

Naki is 11 months old.

Gerrit Koer (google him). We went to big juds here in town (they got a 1lb hamburgur that we just had to kill). We got our picture taken and put on the wall, we think. Thanks for coming to visit!

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Cardwell said...

I can't believe he's walking so well at 11 months! Wow!

Congrats on paying off the car too! What a huge relief!