Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pre-Summer 2009

Some more stuff for the greedy.

Fanua swim results for her team triathlon.

Fanua and her team took first place in their category.

Triathlons are tiring.

One lunch break at the park.

See video above

A pear for the pear body.

10 months

Our garden that feeds the squirrels.


Dartay said...

Congrats Fanua! That's awesome, did it take you back to those Dixie days? Remember I'd stop halfway in practice in the lane and turn around?! The good old days.....

Scott and Carly said...

Can't have much more fun than being pulled around in a bucket:) Spencer prefers laundry baskets

Kate said...

He's getting so big!!! :)

Kate said...
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Maile's said...

Naki , you are getting sooo big!!
fanua, CONGRATS on your tri! did you love it, i bet your swimming took your team to 1st place!!! i remember watching you do the LONG race at competitions and just wondering how you could keep going back and forth.. you have always been such a great swimmer! and an inspiration, i will find the next tri here and do it, i want to be like you! give naki a BIG hug and kiss for us - we love you guys!
p.s. i need to know dates for the fam reunion for our hotel plans, xoxo nis

Malmstroms said...

Way to go Fanua!!

Malmstroms said...

Way to go Fanua!!