Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Proper.

I got nothin.

Nana and Jay at the Pikula family reunion.

A couple of people in this picture got married on this day.

Grandma Speters finally gets to see Naki.

Naki got a dollar for his first birthday from Grandpa.

And some cake.

Before bite.

During bite.

After bite.

He's growing up.

And up.

He got a music CD from Grandma and Grandpa and likes to dance to it.

And lazy dance without having to stand up.

The phone book torture technique.

This is not a shameless WinCo plug.

More to follow.....

And here's more...


Cardwell said...

Wow! Naki's already a year old and we still haven't met him! I'm sad we missed you while you were here. You guys all looked beautiful at Wayne's wedding. They are such a gorgeous couple! Congrats to them!

Fancy Face Fanua said...


Thanks for keeping our blog up to date, you're the best!