Saturday, July 5, 2008

Da Ferf oof Shulai 2008

Just have to show how cute and small his hand is at 5 weeks! What a cutie pie.

It is hah-haout here in Boise, so Naki (Nakey Naki is his nickname when it's hot) and I spend lots of time in our basement.

So, Sefa, Naki and I spent the 4th at home this year. What did you do?

The day started out productively...a family walk around the neighborhood...last minute chores before family came up for Naki's blessing on Sunday...feeding and getting Naki down for a couple of naps...then, the shopping bug hit. I felt a desperate need to get out to a store and spend some money. Do any of you ever feel that way? You feel kinda bored and think that the only way to cure it is to get your wallet into a store and spend an hour or two window shopping to only buy one thing? Sefa doesn't love those stints, but I looooovvveeee to shop.

He came along and we spent 2 hours in Target (love that store!). We perused that baby aisle, to see prices on formula, diapers, strollers.
Then we went into the cleaning aisle. Sefa got us the internet when Naki was born, because I'd been asking for it for a while, and probably because he knew that I'd need some link to the outside world on days when I couldn't get out of the house; so I'm still in the phase where I can spend four hours looking up stuff and going on website tangents galore. My recent find is on homemade cleaning supplies. I've found some recipes on how to make homemade laundry soap, dish soap, furniture polish, a "409" type wipes set, windex and more. The idea of making your own stuff for pennies is really appealing (as I'm trying to talk Sefa into jumping into the world of one income, three mouths, and struggling-I want to be a stay at home mom), so I had remembered the list of ingreidents that I needed to make most of them-ammonia, rubbing alcohol, borax, and a bar of fels naptha soap. Anyhoo...we bought them and I'll let you know how they turned out. Who wouldn't want to save money on stuff that you have to buy and will always need? After the cleaning aisle, we went through electronics...I had a blast :)

For our 4th of July dinner, Sefa turned on his college hibachi bbq and did barbequed teriyaki pork shoulder steaks, hotdogs, had sticky rice, macaroni salad, and BBQ beans. I made all the side dishes, and cut up watermelon for dessert. We like to eat good :) It was delicious and Sefa was a great grillmaster. Naki was even a pleasant BBQ guest for about 10 minutes, then he needed to be held and all that fun stuff :) This picture is in our backyard, on our deck. Naki is in the white bouncer chair.

For fireworks, we hung out at home until 10 pm when fireworks were supposed to start. Our neighbors let us know that we could see the city fireworks from the middle schools' front door which is just down the street from us. I was super excited, because that would mean a 2 minute walk to the school versus the 15 minute walk to the train depot further down the road. I wasn't excited about walking there, but was planning on it anyway because we could save on gas and not have to worry about traffic on the way out. So, at 10 pm, we packed up a sleeping Naki in the stroller and walked down to the middle school and found a comfy piece of curb to sit on to watch the city's fireworks display. It was beautiful and fun to find the fireworks that we both loved. Naki was asleep before we put him in the stroller and stayed asleep throughout the whole thing.

Naki says, "Der da der, fireworks bore me...I'm going to sleep now" :)

The 4th was over for us at 11 pm when we returned home and went to bed. Luckily, Naki stayed asleep until 2 am for his first feeding (it was a glorious 3 hour stretch for me!)


Dartay said...

Look at you you little domestic girl you! Looks like you guys had a great 4th with just the two of you, that's how me and Dar spent it and we loved it! I miss ya, I tried calling you the other day and it said the # was no longer in service???? What the? Call me, lets catch up! Love ya! Glad to see you blog more then once a year :)

Malmstroms said...

We are very sad we missed you-especially now we hear we missed Naki's blessing too. We are very excited you are blogging so we can stay updated. When we are up your way we will call again-a few weeks and days, and hours and minutes in advance!! Have a great day.

Jeff & Kelly said...

welcome back to the world of blogging. i've been checking back here and there knowing that miracles do happen and that the farmer's market blog would someday be updated. yippee for the internet at home now!!! we'll be expecting these frequent blogs. i'm a bit of a hypocrite, on the whole once-a-month bandwagon for blogging because life just seems too busy. your sister, you, and your mom look great at your shower. and the 4th looked like great fun. you're too good to cook all that food...i like to eat good too, but i'm too lazy sometimes to go to the trouble. Naki is adorable and you look so happy.

Erika W said...

Hey Fanua! I found your blog through Rick's and thought I'd drop you a line! I had no idea you were even pregnant. Well, I guess I haven't talked to you since catering at USU like 7 years ago, but still, congrats on your new little guy! Do you remember Sarah Everett? She also lives in Boise, just in case you were wondering. We'll be going to Logan tomorrow and I will think fondly of our days wearing tuxedos. Are you going to the high school reunion, by the way? OK, long enough post. Congrats again!

Maile's said...

how fun that naki slept thur the fireworks!! i want to know how your homemade cleaners go, we all need to save $$ since it all seems to go to food and gas nowadays!
cant wait to come up, your blog is sooo cute! luv ya sis, Nisi

tisa's-tidbitz :) said...

Hey Fanua, found you thru Nisi's blogspot. You look great, we were with Nana yesterday and she showed us pixs of your family. Just beautiful! Your baby is adorable!!!! Congrats, girl.

ROESANKA said...


Katie said...

Fanua, It's been a long time. I was so excited to see your blog off the Collisters blog page. It is so exciting to hear you had a baby. He looks so cute.
Travis and I are expecting a baby in January. we are way stoked... you will have to check out our blog at: and my email is:
I hope to hear from you soon.

Lots of Love,
Katie Nemrow