Thursday, September 4, 2008

Background on Sefa

Okay, this is what has been going down since the old days of care free living.

I moved to Bountiful from South Weber when I was in first grade. I went to Boulton Elementary and also got a fine education at the South Davis Junior High School where I played the french horn and wrestled on the wrestling team for all three years of it. It's all down hill from there, really....nah, just kidding...or am I?

I used to go to Woods Cross High when I was a sophomore but my family up and left in the middle of that year. That rocked my world. I lived with some cousins (what up Johnsons!) until the end of the school year and then moved to Lake Point where my new life began. I would have to say, moving was the best thing that I think happened in my life up to that point even though it rocked the boat so much I almost fell out. I was able to open my mind to different styles of living and new friends even though I did miss my old life. I realized that I could open up and be anything I wanted and that I wasn't typecast into a specific role related to any of my history. It was very comforting to know that.

I graduated from Tooele High and went to college at Utah State University. My freshman year was the next greatest thing that happened in my life up to that point. It enabled me to open my mind even further to diverse people (I know, Logan Utah). It also allowed me to think independently from my high school friends and parents. Needless to say, lots of soul (chea!) searching went on that year. Lots of growing (internally) that year. I started investigating religion and what I truly believe in with regards to religion. I took classes that helped me learn more about the history of various religions. It was great.

I did take a couple of years to investigate the Bay Area in California after my freshman year of college. That was once again, the best thing that happened in my life up to that point. I went for religious reasons but ended up learning more about myself and my beliefs coupled with even more background and peer diversity than chasing the glory of religious status. I was able to take part in experiences that I will never forget (am I starting to sound cheesy)?

After that, I went back to Utah State University and hit the books at the library and studied my way through Degrees in Civil Engineering. I was a complete nerd the entire way. I would go to the library every night from Monday to Thursday (Friday is the beginning of the sabbath, you all know that), and study until midnight when the library closed. Logan was perfect for the outdoors man and I was able to go fishing when I needed food and go camping when ever I wanted. Talk about a care free life, except when I had to pretend that I knew something about engineering.

I met my wife that first year back to school (her name is Fanua) in a club that I was in (the Polynesian club). She danced and I cooked and she, for some reason, thought that me going to the library was cool. She even went to the library with me after a while just to act like she liked it....(Oscar worthy performance). We dated and annoyed our roommates for three years after that.

During school, I worked as a janitor at a local middle school where I could just clean my part of the school when I had time. During the summers I:

1-Stayed for the summer shift at the middle school where we deep clean crap and move desks around for teaches.
2-Got a job in Boise with the Forest Service doing hydrological technician type of work for the forest service scientists (hydrologist). I would conduct field experiments for them and build their little experimental apparatuses. I would have to say, this is my dream job. If I ever get to do it again, I would be doing my dream job. I would get to go camping in the middle of the mountains and get paid for it. More than janitorial wages too... I did it for three summers. The first summer I lived in my car ('74 Chevelle) and met lots of people and fell in love with the town. The second summer I lived in the basement of my bosses house and by the third summer, I was married and me and Fanua found a loft to live in. I am telling you, this was my dream job (yes, that means I am not in my dream job right now even though it is nice).

During these three years I was able to travel a little bit. I went to the Bay Area to visit some folks I got pretty close too. I went to NY to visit ground zero (best trip of my life so far). I got to see Seattle and Vancouver as well as live in Boise for the summers. I would very much, like to travel some more.

Me and Fanua got married in Oakland California on New Years Eve in 2003 after dating for three years. We both had one more year of school and finished... I was able to get a masters degree in Water Resources Engineering as well as a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. As soon as we graduated, we moved to Los Angeles (we bought a house in Chino Hills at the peak of the market) because I got a job with an engineering firm called CH2M HILL. They have an office in Orange County (Santa Ana) and I commuted each and every day to work with the rest of the millions down there. I liked my job and still like it. I really liked it down in So. Cal. I like the beach the best. I would go to the beach at least every other week while I was down there. We were able to explore a lot of the area down there and so far, our favorite destination has been Santa Barbara. We like San Diego and Orange County but Santa Barbara is the epitome of easy living...too bad you have to have money.....

Fanua graduated in Family Consumer Sciences and Education so she got a job at Chino High School as a teacher. She liked it and it was very close to where we lived. I used to drive 30-45 min in to work and 60-75 min home in the evening and that was after taking a toll road that cost me $7.00 a day. Life down there was definitely the rat race.

After almost three years down in So. Cal, we decided it was time to move to Boise for a few years. I got a transfer in my company for the office in Boise and then we just did it. That was June 2007.

We have officially been here for a year now and after three years of marriage, we had our first (I would like it to be the last but Fanua disagrees) kid in May 2008. He was 6 lbs 12 oz and Fanua was the champion that delivered him completely natural. All of our practice payed off.

Normally, I don't really like kids but this one is very cute to me (good thing right)? We named him Amanaki (meaning = hope). We call him Naki. Fanua, who got a teaching job up here at Centennial High School as soon as we moved up here, watched him all summer and it has been a trip...It was a sad day when she had to go back to work (because we still have our house in LA and are renting it out but only covering about 75% of the mortgage - ask for more details if you want to know more about the slumping housing market) and we had to use day care for the first time.

We just came back from Naki's first camping trip to the Ponderosa Nat'l Park here in Idaho. He did great. So far he has been alive for three months so I think we are ready to send him to college....

Me and Fanua (Fanua and I, for all those proofreaders out there, you know who you are), have a blog on the internet (that thing you're on right now). She mostly updates it but I will probably start adding stuff once I find out how. It is located at:


Jacelle said...

Hey guys. Loved your blog. Looks like things are going well. Would love to see more pics of Naki! I should be coming up in Oct. so maybe I could drop by and see you guys. Take care..Tiff

Jordan, Kellye, Tate, and Hayden said...

Hey Sefa and Sanua, congrats on the baby! you guys are living in Idaho now? it was fun to check out your blog!

Jordan Wilcox

Todd and Jenny Lei said...

Hey - great to see your blog! Glad to get back in touch, we talk about you guys and laugh about college life every once and awhile! Take Naki on his first road trip and come and see us! - Jen

Julie said...

Hey guys, I found your blog through Jenette. Sounds like all is going well. Naki is adorable, and Sefa believe me I felt the same way about kids, and luckily enough I really enjoy mine.

Jenette said...

Sefa, nice bio!! When do you get to write one Fanua? Because you know all I want is to see pictures of that cute little Naki! Just kidding. It is really great to see how you guys are doing!!

Maile's said...

sefa, you are a very funny person and Bro in law! thanks for your bio! now, i want to see fanuas! glad all is well there for ya'll. I have to say thanks again for the fun trip- you are both great hosts.. i am SO glad that Fanny wants more kids, Naki is SOOO cute and we all want more Matagi cousins- maybe you guys can catch up with Milika & Andy! :-)
how is naki doing with daycare? he MUST be the cutest baby there, right! well, pls post more pix of Naki and your fam- luv ya guys, nisi and your SGU family