Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby Shower in West Valley, Utah

My sweet sisters and Mom planned my first ever baby shower for me in April
of this year! I was
seven months pregnant at the time (you’ll see a
picture of me with a pregnant
Shayla who was eight months with her 2nd
child…but you wouldn’t guess that she’s
further along than me!) Since
it was easier for everyone to meet in Utah,
they set it at Anna’s in-law’s
house (thanks Fepaki!!!) in West Valley.

Friends and family
were invited to eat great food, have fun and celebrate my upcoming birth.
Thanks to everyone who came and who supported me in every way. I had
a royally awesome time. The company was sweet. The food was
beautiful and so delicious. All the food was done by the Pikula Sisters
Catering Company-just kidding, there is no company, although it was all so good
and so pretty that there should be. Thanks to my family for spending their
time, talents and money to create everything! And, the presents were so
great! Who’s heard of a tee-pee pee pee before? I got a cute package
of those…and tons of diapers and wipes, and photo albums, and cute clothes, and
food, and so many more helpful and thoughtful gifts.

I hope I got everyone in on these pictures posted, and I love you all! By the way, thanks to Hannah for taking these pictures!

There are many, many pictures on this post, and they are of everyone who came and participated in my baby shower. I love you all! See if you see yourself :)


Nicole said...

Congratulations Fanua!! That is so exciting to have your son here and well. He is very handsome, I love the meaning of his name. I hope he brings "high hopes" for you in the sleeping department!! You look great and happy. I saw your blog on Taylors and just had to say hi!

Nicole Willard (aka Jensen)

Dartay said...

Girl, I have been trying to get a hold of you for a while now, did you change your #? You guys look great, and your shower looks like so much fun, I'm sad I couldn't make it! I hope you guys are doing well, glad to see you're keeping up on the blog. Call me when you get a minute. Love ya!

Lucashell said...

He remember me - Shellie, Found your blog very cool can't believe you have a baby... You live in Idaho when did you move from cali.
Shellie "Golchin" Blake

tisa's-tidbitz :) said...

I loved your shower, the food was sooo good. I would remember that!!! lol. Your sisters always do an awesome job, Fanua!