Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Pack

More helpless than an American at a Cairo state dinner, it's Naki.

Here are some pics of the end of last year.

We tried to go to the BSU vs USU football game but couldn't get in. It was the last one of the year and it was a blow out. B-ball has since redeemed USU.

Since we couldn't get in the football game, we went to a BSU b-ball game instead.

A rare winter in Boise

For the first half of Dec, Sefa worked in L.A. so he flew the rest of the family down to play near the end of that trip. Naki did great on the flight and we visited Newport beach and some of the festivals that were happening down there. Here is Naki not touching the touchable sea creatures.


During the visit down in So. Cal, Samoana got injured on the job in Colorado.

Naki's $8 backpack purchased in the fashion district.

For this trip, it rained most of the time.

A good indoor activity was going to a Clipper game. We watched the Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard show. All but Naki, was impressed.

Brought back a backpack for Naki's friend Spencer.

For the second half of Dec, we traveled for the holidays to Nor. Cal to visit the Matagi family. Not one for stress, Sefa made it a two day traveling event where we stayed in Reno at Circus Circus so Naki could play and Fanua could gamble. Fanua has always wanted to re-live the past.

We stayed for a couple of days at Naki's Grandpa and Grandma's house. They bought him a church outfit and Grandpa paraded him around church.

The rest of the trip to Nor Cal was spent at Clear Lake, CA in a Wyndam Resort.
Here, Grandpa uses jedi mind tricks to get Naki to eat everything in particular.

Here is a nice pic of the setting we were in. Naki and Grandpa are playing in the water with sticks. Uncle Soni is fishing off the pier. We all went hungry that night.

In the end, we took three days to travel back. Got caught in a snow storm in Tahoe and stayed the night in Reno at Naki's/Fanua's play land. Then spent another night at a bed and breakfast in a border town called Jordan Valley, OR. It was very nice and cozy.

Now, some videos:

Here is Naki and Grandpa playing.

Here is Naki finally shaving.

Here is Naki talking on a fake cell phone trying to learn how to count in Samoan language.

Here is Naki playing with Grandpa.

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