Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Restore Fear

Higher than an anti-Prop 19 pundit on election night, it's Naki!

Naki went to the zoo and made a friend. This is the type of friend that doesn't poke you on facebook.

Naki want's a closer look at the other side of the missing link. Grandpa is close, but the monkeys at the zoo are closer...

Naki is at least 30" tall.

Riding on a boat at the zoo.

Naki also went to the state fair. Actually it is called the Western Idaho Fair because we all know that Eastern Idaho is really just a Northern Utah wannabe.

Naki won a fish that looks like a certain movie character.

One day, Naki went to the lake to throw rocks at the water. See video's below.

Here, the water gladly accepts being hit by rocks.

Here is a video of Naki playing some more.

One time, we went to the park and Naki was really eager to take our order as if he was working at a fast food joint.

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