Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stop Exploding

Our camera broke so I have to dig up some old pics 'from' the summer.

Safer than a dolphin on a tuna's Naki.

Naki at the end of swimming lessons family swim. Loves him some water.

We had some visitors mid-summer.

Almost everyone is happy.

If you know something about this picture, leave a comment.

Look closely. You can see a spoiled child whining about not being spoiled fast enough.

We owned and operated a lemonade booth at a local event called the Boise Music Festival. The line went on for miles. It was an overall good event and we made lots of $$ and plan to retire.

Boise has a large Basque community and they have a large festival each year and an even larger festival every five years. This is a five year deal.

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