Monday, August 2, 2010


louder than a born again on the street corner, it's Naki.

Been some events lately so I will try to stay up to date.

A couple of weekends ago, we went camping up in Redfish lake along the Sawtooth Mountain range here in Idaho. The trip was two-fold, we went camping, and also ran Fanua's lemonade stand at a nearby craft festival called the Mountain Mammas Festival in Stanley Idaho. Some friends went with us, and they gots a blog too...right here:

This is Naki's friend named Spencer.

They like each other....sometimes.

This rock has started the long process of erosion at the bottom of the nearby river thanks to Naki.

Naki took swimming lessons this summer.

Also, once in a while we would go to a 'chuck e cheese' type of place called PoJo's.

A couple of weekends ago, some of Naki's cousins came up to play with him.

Here is a video of Naki being small...

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Caribbean Sunshine said...

Gramma saved the day! Taisa & Naki having so much fun!