Saturday, July 31, 2010

For Todd:

I just read in the Welch's blog that Todd's cut out hamburgers (that sounds too tough for me!) so Todd, this one is for you! :)

Actually, I was getting boh-hore-ed with the plain brown and cream template that I just threw one when Hannah was helping me start this blog. I believe that was back in 2007 or even earlier! Anyway, my choices for backgrounds were limited and so I went for the most interesting and tasty looking one there.

You likey?



PrincessAnna said...

Nice!! I was wondering if I was on the wrong blog..... Can't wait to see Naki (and you and sefa!)

Todd*Jenny Lei*Savannah*Nate said...

Oh My Goodness! How random is this post and that you just cut me off on I-15 about 5 days later! Ha Ha. It hasn't been that tough cutting out the burgers, you should try it! Just cut out the burgers and replace with some lemonade if you know where to find any! Good Luck and let's stay in touch.