Monday, July 5, 2010

Free Agency Decisions

More press than a free agent in Cleveland, it's Naki.

Let me guess, another post about me...

We recently had a holiday and planted some flowers in the front lawn. This is Naki eagerly helping by stepping on most of them and pouring dirt on the rest of them.

Plants need dirt to grow.

He supervised the watering of his plants.

We have also recently come across some bunnies that were caught in a nearby garden. I built a pen for them and Naki enjoys feeding them. There is a video of Naki yelling at them if you scroll down to the end of this post.

The City of Boise put on a firework show near our house. We got on our bikes and went to the rim of the bench that we live on to watch explosions. Here is Naki's dimple.

Our fireworks consisted of last years remaining sparklers. Naki kept a close eye on them.

We also went to a nearby town called Emmet. This place is known for it's cherry orchards as well as other u-pick farms. We found one where we were able to pick some blueberries and cherries and then just bought a bunch of raspberries.

Naki liked picking, throwing, and eating, mostly in that order.

Naki is all about sharing, as long as he gets his mouthful first...

This is downtown Emmet (pretty much the size of Tooele). Here is Naki communicating his needs.

The last few weeks, there has been a lot of construction on our street burying a new water transmission line. The contractors leave their equipment parked on our street overnight. Not only does Naki get to watch all the large equipment work during the day but when they go home at night, Naki gets to play on his enlarged toys...

Throwing rocks at something is funner than throwing rocks at nothing... There is a video of him playing on one of these if you scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Here is a video of Naki and his 'big truck'.

Here is a video of Naki playing in his 'enlarged toys'.

Here is a video of Naki squealing at the bunnies....which reminds me, we should name them.

We also recently had a picnic up the mountains at the nearby ski resort called 'Bogus Basin'. It was very scenic and below is a video of Naki caring less about how scenic it was. He just liked throwing things down the hill.

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PrincessAnna said...

He's SOOOO cute! I love all the videos.