Friday, October 30, 2009

"World" Series

These pictures are a combination of a trip to Red Bluff, CA and a trip to SLC, UT and a non-trip to Boise, ID.

"All your ducks in a row" joke....CA

Give a man (small boy) a fish...joke....CA


Remember this? CA

Naki and Grandpa. There is a video of this that will show up soon.

Geek out. CA


Dish washer? Clothes washer? Deep sink?

This is where Naki was cleaned.

#1 Grandson

Here we are at the farmers market in Boise after the 5K the Fanua just did.

Fanua, Naki, and Grandma Pikula did a 5K.

Very happy....note where they are relative to the finish...

Naki making sure Grandma finishes.

Predator vs. Alien

Boise has a lot of 5K's. This happens to be one to celebrate woman's fitness. Naki doesn't have to run/walk it since he is not a woman.

This is after the 5K.

A side effect to being in SLC while working is visiting other folks. This is at a 'get together' at a large house in Kaysville. These two kids had a lot of fun. The people involved: Malmstroms, Fergusons, Matagi's.

More side effects of the trip to SLC. This is Naki playing and flirting some more. The people involved: Tori, Naki, some folks playing rugby in the background with one of them being Joe.

We went to Red Bluff as a side effect of working in Redding CA. This is the Sacramento River in Redding near the Sundial Bridge. Naki was really liking water.

This is Turtle Bay and some natives in their natural habitat...


Maile's said...

thanks for the pix, Naki is adorable!! Vegas looked like so much fun! we cant wait to see ya'll christmas time...
frog eye salad, right fanny! yummers.
cant wait to give naki a big hug

Caribbean Sunshine said...

He's SO precious! Naki, we couldn't have done the 5K without you! And wow, I feel honored to be in so many pictures - right up there with the #1 DUI grandpa. ha ha Oops, that didn't come out right... Love you all, Mum xxx