Thursday, September 17, 2009

Post Summer

Here is more update for your seeing eye and wondering mind.

Naki's Grandma came to town to watch Naki while Naki's parents left Naki to play in Sin City. Sinning occurred.

This is not Lance Burton, but it is Nathan Burton. Magician....check.

Captain Jack Sparrow on the strip....check.

We were able to visit some locals that sue other locals. This is Zach P. Takos Attorney at Law and his family.

Belagio flowers....check.

Re-living the good ole days of 'drop your kids off at Circus Circus to go gamble....check.

The Venitian flowers....check.

Blue Man Group show.....check.

Little man on our return.
I'm not saying 'priceless'. Master Card will sue me. Other things on the list included three comedians, two buffets (Wynn, Harras), outlet shopping, and risk taking.

This is camping on Labor day weekend. We went to Lost Valley Reservoir in Idaho. Nice scenic place.

Naki is down with it.

He could be laughing....he could be crying....

The folks Naki went camping with. Karter Casperson, Spencer Pannell.

My Two Moms

I am currently trying to get the pictures of us cliff jumping into the river that leaves this reservoir. For your imagination, here is a concept:

The next week was the 'Art in the Park' where the local art museum (BAM) sponsors a festival. Jennette Purdy could work there....


Cardwell said...

What fun vacations! How nice to get away with just the two of you, too! Naki is getting so big and so dang cute!

Fancy Face Fanua said...
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Caribbean Sunshine said...

Ha ha ha ha - and who said Fanua & her siblings occasionally got dropped off at the Circus Circus arcade while said parents went to drop a few quarters in the slot machine? Sefa, don't believe a word your "desperately needs help" wifeypoo tells you.

And folks, their adorable sunshiney, eternally happy son Naki beamed that same smile for me the whole time his parents were vacationing in sin city, not just for them when they returned. He is a joy to be with, so happy and loving.