Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sefa again?

Anyone else getting sick of this run on sentence you call 'Sefa'?

Naki got valentines day gifts from his cousins Brooks and Tori and Dylan.


This is Naki saying 'thank you'.

Naki is Eight months (too) old now.

Naki can crawl now.

Sefa's corner:

.....so I went to Miami by myself (pause...*waits for the phone to ring*) a couple of weeks ago and here are some pics...

First on the list to visit was Key West. Here is a shot of the south side of the key.

Same key, different location.

Must have key lime pie in key west right? Note the coy pond.

I went down there and stayed in a Hostle (no I haven't seen the movies) on South Beach. It was a twelve (12) bed co-ed room and this was one of my roomates Anais from Toronto (Canada, for the geographic illiterate).

My 'to see' list was pretty short. The first day I wanted to see the Keys and visit Key West and drive on the seven mile bridge (for nerdy reasons). That night, when I came back, I met my roomates (since the first night I just went to sleep). These two are from D.C. by way of Germany and Austria. Girl on the left is Kathrine (Austria) and on the right is Jasmine (Germany). We all decided to go down to the beach that night and just walk around....so that is what these awesome action shots are all about.

My second item on the 'to see' list was a real live alligator. I went to the Everglades National Park to find some and there were a bunch all over the place. Here is a pic (one of many).

There is no zoom on this pic. I was really that far away with zero barricades.


Feel free to play 'find the gator'.

Here is a picture of water.

Turns out if I put the camera on timer and set it on my rental car, I can take pics of myself in the everglades. Here is a spot I stopped because it looked like a great place to take a picture.

...and I then found this dude soaking in some sun. Now it was pretty cold (low 70's F.) so the gators were pretty dormant. They tried not to move as much as they could.

After the Everglades, I came home and just went to sleep so I have no 'hang out' pictures for that night. The next day was 'to see' item number three and that was just to spend time on the beach. I spent all day there and worked on my (should be natural) tan. I went with a couple of my roomates. Sara from Sweden and Mattia from Italy (see pictures later). This is a picture of the end of the day and the beach was South Miami Beach (South Beach). I now know why Fanua was such a hater of all beaches on the west coast. These beaches here were clean, the water was clear, and the sand was white. San Diego comes close, but these were some nice beaches.

I have to say, I was not prepared to see toplessness (besides me) at this beach but it was pretty popular. I don't have an pictures of proof but you can use your imagination.

Mattia (Italy). He slept on the top bunk behind us and I was on the bottom bunk. This was the day I was leaving.

Sara (Sweden)

Here is my buddy Mike (Egypt/Germany), Juan (Panama), and Kathrin (Austria). I was one of two Americans in the room. I met some pretty awesome people from all over the world here. I have linked up with them all on Facebook and there are a couple more pictures with me and some of these folks floating around there. Awesome experience!


Malmstroms said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! When Aaron and I went to South Beach we too were surprised with the mass amounts of toplessness (and it was in the 60's when we were there!) Hope you guys are doing well. Naki is so cute. I can't believe how big he is getting.

Caribbean Sunshine said...

Sefa, you have all the fun! Hostel to boot?! You brave soul... Beautiful country but sorry, your son wins the prize on your whole blog. "Hi Naki! Hope to see you soon. Love you!" Mum

The Thomas Train said...

Cool pictures. What did you go to Miami for?