Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Luke and Jessica Humphries

The quatro of us in the Matagi's first apartment.

Cute Luke and Jess

Jessica, Luke, Sefadonkis, and I with some really sharp, shapely eyebrows!!! Not so hot.

Jessica, Luke, and DJ Sefski

I loved hanging out with them in Logan, back in 2004 and before. They're on the East Coast and I haven't seen them since 2004, but shout out to them!!! I hope to see them again, soon!

One memory that sticks out in my mind is the Easter Egg picnic and egg hunt at the park. Sefa and I were having a BBQ on his little hibachi at the park when the Humphries showed up. We ate, chatted, and then everyone wrote their initials on the plastic easter eggs. Everyone did the honor system and closed their eyes to other people's hiding spot-mind you, this was like a mile long park- then we all hunted for them. We had to do "hotter, colder, hotter". So fun!

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