Wednesday, November 5, 2008

EEK! There's a pirate in my soup!

Halloween 2008

I loved Pirates of the Carribean so much that Naki was a pirate for Halloween. He had on a black and white stripped pant with a white onesie and accessories :) Sefa was a suspicious PE teacher and I was a lazy mom in a bathrobe. Enjoy the pictures!


This is what he and Sefa really thought about getting dressed up.

Lucky he's not a girl or he would've been Beyonce in the Bootylicious video, complete with a gold tooth, feather in the cap, and a sassy body roll, courteous of Auntie Mele. I actually wanted to dress him up as Harry Potter, but will save that for next year, with myself as Hagrid and Sefa as Dobby.

Give it up for the local dollar store!

They had a whole accessories pack that included this fabulous eye patch, a high tech hook sleeve, a fistful of silver coins, and even a gold earing.

Naki didn't like it when the eye patch covered his eye, thus the patch on the side. Have you seen the Family Guy episode where Peter plays peek-a-boo with Stewie? I wonder what Naki thought when the patch covered one eye? I often wonder what he does think, especially when I act really silly just to get a smile; probably "Um, really?" or "Wow, take it down a notch, mama!" or "Is that really necessary?" I wonder....

Such a scary pirate.

I know I'd run the other way if I met him in a dark

Careful of the hook, love.

Happy Halloween!


♥tori. said...

HAHAHAHA that's the cutest thing ever.

Cardwell said...

What a cutie! I can't get over his blue eyes - so beautiful!

Jenette said...

What an adorable kid!! Wow. And halloween is just too much fun...

Dartay said...

So cute! He is getting so big and I've still never met the buddy!

Maile's said...

he is too cute! what a handsome pirate with a side eye patch..
he is scary! lol.