Tuesday, November 4, 2008

5 Months

This is for those of you who are sick of seeing that Park City crap every time you stalkers look at our blog.

Is it me or are all the posts about our kid now?

That kid is 5 months old. No, I (Sefa) have not changed clothes since the 1 month picture. For the record, this was right after halloween and I still had my molester-stach from my 'chester' costume. We made Naki a pirate and Fanua was someone who just got out of the shower. Pretty eventfull Halloween. We passed out candy until we ran out and passed out hot chocolate packets until we ran out of that too. Then we went to a party where I offended just about everyone there with my costume. (I won third place at my office though).

I recently went to our house in CA. Had some training in Vegas and a test in So Cal and stayed at our rental since it was empty at the time. Thought I would put some pics of the joint. This is a before we moved pic of the front.

Before we moved pic of the kitchen.

This is a before we moved pic of the front room/dining room and family room.

Here is an after I left last week pic of the front.

After I left pic of the kitchen/breakfast spot.

After I left pic of the front room/dining room and family room (past the french doors).


Kelly Stanworth said...

Looks like your house misses you! We are hoping that you will convert Fanua over to the blogging world so that we can hear from you guys more often!

Jenette said...

Wow...where is the time going? Sad for your house in Cali, but lucky you for being in Idaho!!! I hope all is well!

Zach said...

Sefa-love the costume, but isn't that just like you dressing up as engineer for Halloween?