Friday, May 27, 2011

Foreign Policy

More scripted than an Austrian immigrant's American dream, It's Naki!

So it's been awhile. Here are some highlights...

So in the middle of March, we took a trip to Portland so Sefa can play in the company basketball tournament. Fanua took Naki to the local doughnut shop that happens to be world famous. Voodoo Doughnuts. Naki acts like he comes here all the time..

Sefa won said tournament. All by himself....with no help....

Here is Naki trying to take a ride on a sculpture in Portland.

In the meantime, Fanua's cheesecakes have been flying off the shelf at the local diner; Moon's Cafe. When she started, she was bringing in a dozen cheesecakes every other week. She is now requested to bring about a dozen cheesecakes a week. This is a non-Photoshoped picture of the goodness. She has been offered a position to be the diners' designated baker...

For Easter, Naki got to do some hunting...

Naki gave Fanua a card with his hand traced in it for Mothers day.

See video's below. If you are reading this on Facebook, click on 'view original post' for videos.

Here is a video of Naki on Easter morning looking inside some eggs for candy.

This is Naki wanting candy over money.

This is Naki just starting his hunt for eggs.

This is Naki still trying to find eggs. This video is shot 30 days later...

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