Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mid Term Elections

More unemployed than a law student with a 4.0: It's Naki!

So we recently went on a forced vacation to Park City. Is Park City really a vacation?

This post will take place chronologically backwards.

We ended up visiting Naki's great grandma who has recently undergone surgery for bowel stoppage. She enjoys a visit from Naki.

While we were there, we met up with some of Naki's cousins. It was a very nice and refreshing visit.

Previously we went on the Heber Valley Railroad. Naki is somewhat trendy and likes trains.

Naki also likes to throw rocks at water.

He likes his biological father.

Here is Naki contemplating an afternoon swim.

On the train, in the canyon, happy with mommy.

Naki likes trains.

Naki being very protective of his popcorn.

Some good scenery. The water in the background is a nice touch as well...

Flirting with the lens.

Eating lunch at a rest stop. Naki's Christmas present from his uncle when he was months old, was this canteen.

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Holly said...

I was telling Rand like 2 nights ago we need to go to Heber & ride the train. What a fun family day. Naki is so big and just handsome as can be!!!