Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fanua Facts...

A fun tag from Natalie.

In case you care about some random things about Fanua-of course you do. You check this blog every day to see if the next blog is from me, and not from Sefa. You love me!

Eight things I did yesterday:
1. Chowded down on a big slice of Albertson's chocolate fudge cake (they had a 'Happy Easter' cake on sale for $2.99. I'm hoping that it was previously frozen, or a practice cake. Either way, it went down good!)
2. Taught ninety-five 9th and 10th graders how to make Candy Cane Twist Cookies from scratch
3. Listened to my daily dose of NPR after work.
4. Obsessed about starting a new business. I love business talk and planning! Wish I had infinite money for all my dreams...someday!
5. Procrastinated
6. Pored over 10 cookbooks for delicious cookie recipes
7. Thought about eating better
8. Thought about my sister, Latanya, who left for Guam this evening for her mission. Go Sister Pikula!

Eight places I like to eat:
1. Chick-fil-a
2. Sugarcanes in Chino Hills, CA
3. Bad Boy Burger in Boise, Idaho
4. Sefa's kitchen in Boise, Idaho
5. My mom's kitchen
6. Any good Thai restaurant (love Pad Thai)
7. ?
8. ? I love food, but can't think of anywhere specific right now--In and Out Burgers are good

Eight shows I like to watch:
1. The Office
2. My Name is Earl
3. MXP-that crazy Japanese obstacle course with the silly commentary-haha!
4. Biggest Loser
5. Ina Garten-Barefoot Contessa (I now want a posh house in the Hamptons and a BMW convertable!)
6. Almost any reality show-I'm a sucker for drama...just not my own!
7. Heroes
8. Good Eats

Eight things I look forward to:
1. A good night's sleep (Naki's sleeping schedule has turned upside down! We're so tired right now, and hoping that he picks a schedule, and SOON!!)
2. Peaceful Sunday mornings when both boys are asleep and the kitchen and house is allllll mine.
3. traveling the world with Sefa and maybe Naki too
4. Selling lemonade in the summer again
5. Hanging out with my mom again. She's coming this weekend-yah!!
6. Seeing Hannah, Taylor, and Shayla again soon...that fateful number of 17 visits in 5 years is slipping away :(
7. Being a stay-at-home momma again...I'll at least have the summers. And, also, the Thursday lunches with my friends in the ward!
8. Days off!

Eight people I tag: (no pressure though)
1. Carlee P
2. Taylor
3. Hannah
4. Sefa-this'll be good!
5. Nan M
6. Tori
7. Mele-reeeeal good!
8. Janae L

Love you all!


Joni said...

My sister served in Guam too.

Christina said...

I love Chic-fil-a!! Why they don't have one in St. George, I don't get. That would be a good business!

browneyedgirl said...

Yes, the obstacle course show is the funniest thing around!!! And there's so much crazy commentary. My brother introduced it to me a while back! The Office however is still my favorite.

Kelly Stanworth said...

I learned a few things and you made me hungry. I'm also laughing my self silly at Sefa's costume in the previous post.

Tuesdee said...

Hey you guys!! Small world, I was blog surfing and I found you! That is so AWESOME!!! WE have a blog too and would love for you to visit. It's private so send me and email and I would LOVE to send you an invite!!!

It's so much fun to catch up with you!


Ben and Tuesdee Barclay

Maile's said...

love the blog and all the updates- naki is the cutest thing ever!!!!!! wish you guys were closer, whats up with xmas? will you be here in SGU? brooks and tori still love the blog "Bully in Training" and brooks always says "yo! im gonna punch yo lights out" and laughs and laughs abt naki..
how fun and awesome of your fam to do the thanksgiving dinner for the vets. you go girl!
miss you guys tons and hope to see you for xmas! xoxo nis

Maile's said...

fanny, do you guys have a Childrens place in Boise? i think i got Naki's xmas present too small 6-9 mos. what size is the little cutie now?/ anyhow, i included a gift reciept, so i hope you can exchange there if you need to.
luv ya

Maile's said...

fanny, hurry and do an update! i want to see pix of naki during xmas- luv u tons xoxo

Sinilyn said...

FONUA!!! Oh my goodness...I stumbled across your blog through one of my good friends Angie Dewey. Your blog is so cute! How are you and your family doing? How are you surviving without tans?

Anonymous said...

Hi Fanua! I too stumbled across your blog! Your son is sooo cute! It's been forever! You and Sefa still look as young as ever minus your year round tan...ha ha! I'm glad I found you on here...I want to see more pixs of your cute family! Thanks for sharing!