Saturday, September 20, 2008

Naki's first camp trip

Labor day 2008, we went for Naki's first camping trip with some friends (yes, we make friends). We didn't go to any remote place where we did some pretty tough camping. We just went to the great Ponderosa campground up at Payette Lake near McCall Idaho.

It went off without a hitch, I think.

This is Naki on the road.

We are there.
Proof that we are actually camping.
Yes, I use my beach chair as a camping chair. Yes, it is rainbow colored.
We like fire. That kid in the middle is ours.
Here we are. The first night it rained like crazy with thunder and lightning. Naki slept right through it. In the morning, it would rain off and on just to screw up your breakfast and anything else you had planned. We picked huckleberries on the second day where it was much colder but not raining.
Poser.Hats are interchageable.


Cardwell said...

What a fun little trip with the family! You guys really look great and so happy. I can't believe how big Naki is getting - he is a beautiful baby!

Katie said...

You guys look so good! What a cute little family.
Naki is so so cute in all those pics. I love the hats! :)

Malmstroms said...

Hooray! I love to see pictures. They are very cute. Hope you are doing well. We'll have to make the trek up your way again soon and maybe see you this time!!

Dartay said...

Fancy face! Love the pics! So fun to see what you guys are up to out there in the sticks! Naki is A-dorable! I can see both of you in him. I can't believe I have never met this stud in person; when are you coming down again? Miss ya!!

Janae said...

Hey You guys!! That line cracks me up every time I say it..ha haa. (Goonies?!) I found out you guys have a blog and I'm exstatic! Naki is ADORABLE!! Even Jason was all..."He's a really cute kid!" Look at that family picture. You guys look so good! We miss you guys! I miss Fanua! Tell her I'll call her and this time we'll actually, hopefully, be able to talk instead of playing phone tag. :0) My blog's private so I'll need your email so I can send you an invite. Kiss the baby for to you soon.

Scott and Carly said...

Katie wants to add you on myspace and needs your email address:)

Jenette said...

Naki is so adorable! Your family is just all around great! I am amazed at your bravery in taking him camping. Kudos to you guys.

Maile's said...

how fun you guys! Naki has done a lot in his 4 months!! :-) he is getting so big and keeps getting cuter.. tell Sefa that it must be the Pikula side! glad to see you back on blogging fanny- i do enjoy sefa's humor and i laugh at all his funny comments! luv ya'll. nis xoxo