Tuesday, June 3, 2008


His name is Amanaki, Naki for short, Malepe Iosefa Matagi. His name means Hope...so on good days I can call him High Naki and on bad days I can call him Low Naki...hardy har har. What a cutie!


Jaran and Claire said...

Hey Fanua!! This is Claire...if you even remember me?? From Glenn Miller? Me and Mindy? I got your link from Joni. Congrats on your baby!! What a cutie! Aren't they great? Are you doing the lemonade stand again this summer? That sounds fun. We're coming to Boise in August, we'll have to stop and get a lemonade!

Malmstroms said...

So cute! I am excited we found your blog. It was fun to see you last weekend. Naki is so cute!