Saturday, October 13, 2007

Every little kids dream...

Sefa and I have spent almost every last Saturday since May at the downtown Boise Farmer's Market selling....LEMONADE! Yup, we have our very own lemonade stand! :) We even made the local newspaper TWICE a month after we officially moved there! Check out these links for the article-We'll even sign an autograph for a minimal fee :)

We just ended the season a month ago due to cold weather changes and it's wonderful to have our Saturday's back again.

Every Saturday was spent waking up at 7 am, loading up the car with supplies and equipment, trucking over to the market and selling and squeezing 250 lemonades from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. Cut fingers and lemon juice really don't mix, fyi.

Sefa would cut the lemons, squeeze the juice, and add the few ingredients. I would shake the mixture, pour it out, and take the orders and money. It was a great system and we can pop out a large lemonade in 20 seconds, no joke! :)

We made a good profit each Saturday and plan on doing even better next year as this year we spent the first two months flying down each weekend from Southern California to Boise. That cost alot but it was covered each Saturday!

Next season will start at the end of April 2008 and will go until the first of September. If anyone wants a job as a lemonade squeezer next year, give us a holla! We plan on opening up two full-time stands at two different markets.

We actually just ended our season a month ago because the weather has changed to a very crisp and cool one which doesn't support lemonade sales. It's nice to have our Saturday's back and getting to sleep in but we're looking forward to next April!


The Moffitts! said...

You are actually blogging now huh! Wah hoo! Miss ya!

Cardwell said...

Nice to see you've become a blogger! You need some pics though, so I can see your beautiful face that I miss so much. :) You owe me a special lemonade too.